Whether you are saving for retirement, college education, business acquisition or financial independence, News Financial can be an excellent approach to building, managing and preserving your wealth.

We help develop the financial strategy that best satisfies your investment objectives. In addition, Securities America, Inc. provides support services including record-keeping and investment product offerings. This arrangement allows us to spend time managing your portfolio while SAA provides the back office support for your portfolio management account. You’ll get professional recommendations, an objective opinion, and the one-on-one service you expect and deserve to help you reach your goals.

Through News Financial lead by Scott A. Chon, ChFC, RFC, and the support from Securities America, Inc. we ensure that our clients receive the best servicing and products available on the market.

Financial Advisor is a representative of and offers securities through Securities America Inc, a Registered Broker. Dealer Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services are offered through Securities America Advisors Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, Scott Chon, Financial Advisor. News Financial and Securities America companies are not affiliated. SAI#000000000234164. Licensed in CA, NV, TN, HI. News Financial, Securities America, and Vercor are not affiliated.